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You have visited me times.

Welcome to my newest version of my Homepage. I have made some changes but the pages is really the same as it was. Let me tell you a little bit about myself, I am from Middlesboro Kentucky, and love the Kentucky Wildcats. I am using webtv right now and it is really cool for what it costs. I enjoy making web pages even though I am ok at them. I have on this page some tribute pages that I have created in my spare time. These are pages of various things(scroll down to see the choices). I have some pretty good links that for me I visit when I am on the net. Well come on in and enjoy the page and be sure to sign the guestbook or email me. Enjoy the page Ya'll

Tribute Pages.

Here are the tribute pages I was tellin you about...I have from top to bottom, Jenny McCarthy, Pamela Anderson, Titanic the Movie, Middlesboro Football State Champs, and the Comeback Cats NCAA Basketball Champs. Click on the pictures to go to the page.

My Jenny page has 6 good pics of her and a link to tons of links to other pages of her. Come on in and check her out. I love her.
My Pamela page, I have some really good pics of her and just like on the Jenny page I have a link that will link you to more of her. A good page.
The Titanic page is really good. I tell the story in few words mostly with pics. I like this page and all that have seen the page seem to like it too. Really good page.
My Middlesboro Football Championship Page. Mostly reading for this page and not alot of pics since I am using WebTV. This was one of my first pages and since this one I have gotten a little bit better gradually, but still a good page...telling about all of the regular season, playoff, and state championship games. A good page.
My Comeback Cats page. My best page yet. This page tells about the unbelievable season the Cats had a year ago. Good pics here as well. We did not win this year but we will be back soon. A really great page.


Here are more links from me so click on the box and go there.

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