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My   List   of   Links!!

World Wrestling Federation: Click here because kyjon said so.
Persiankitty: If you are in to pornagraphy and have not been to this site yet then check it out it is great.
Espn sports: A cool place to find out how your team did.
knoxjacks homepage: A great page from my favorite uncle. He has a tribute page to Alanis Morisette and some great links.
Liveconcerts.: Mainly a good site for computer users, but is fine with webtv users also. This site is archives of concerts of possibly your favorite band.
Timecast: A very cool site where you can listen to radio stations from all around the U.S. and the world.

Add Me!

easports: R U a playstation gamer if so then click here to see your favorite easports games
tripod: if you want a web page like mine then click here
David's Homepage: My brother David's page, it is great. He has a tribute page to Tiger Woods and some good links. Check him out.
Steve Smith's Homepage: Steve is one of my friends and is also a friend of my mother. Check out his page for info on his high school football team and the Tennesee football team etc.
Cnnsi: Yeah I know I have on here too but cnnsi is also a great place for sports also!!

Transload Star Boulevard.: This site is for webtv users. It's kind of like downloading. This site gives the ability to put images, animated gifs, etc. on your web page directory.
Koolkids: Want backgrounds for your page then come here!!
WebFx: Mainly for webtv users. Check out this site for putting animations to any picture on the web. I used this on my Jenny and Pamela pics to make magazine covers.
Camloader: For webtv users. Put images onto your homepage directory using a camcorder and or a vcr
Greeting Card Heaven: Send your loved ones or friends a card over the internet.

Click here for my Animated Gif Links Page!!