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The Titanic today as we know it, at the bottom of the Atlantic.

Welcome to my page dedicated to Titanic the movie and to the real Titanic. Many people died on April 11, 1912 in the Atlantic ocean that should not have. For those who are unfamiliar with the movie it is a story about a rich girl by the name of Rose and a poor artist by the name of Jack that take a voyage on the unsinkable ship to America. Rose is on first class with her mother and fiance and is going to America to get married. Jack on the other hand wins his ticket in a game of poker for his trip back to his home of Wisconsin. Jack ends up saving Roses life as she is trying to commit suicide by jumping off the back of the Titanic. He saves her and for saving her life Cal (Roses fiance) grants Jack dinner with he and Rose and the first class people. Anyway Jack and Rose end up falling in love. As everything starts getting good and mushy in the movie the ship strikes the iceberg and the rest is history. Jack dies with Rose after the ship sinks in the frigid Atlantic ocean and Rose survives. I can't tell you all about the movie because I would be here all night typing. If you have not seen the movie please do it is a great movie and actually my favorite of all time. So relax and enjoy my Tribute to the Titanic!

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You have sailed on Titanic times!