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The Voyage Begins!

The voyage begins with Jack and Rose and the Titanic is ready to set sail. Here you will see the story leading up to the dreaded sinking of the RMS Titanic. Enjoy.

April of 1912.

It is April of 1912 and the voyage is about to begin, the sailing to America of the unsinkable ship the RMS Titanic. See how the story of Rose, Jack and the Titanic begin.

Rose arriving for the voyage of Titanic.

Jack playing the lucky hand for Titanic tickets.

The Titanic sets sail!

You have met the characters, Jack won his poker game and got the tickets, and Rose got on board feeling very unhappy and called the Titanic a "slave ship that was taking her to America in chains". Now you will see Rose and Jack meeting as Rose tries to committ suicide and how Rose and Jack fall in Love.

The Titanic sets sail for America.

The Titanic is America bound and Jack is standing on the front of the ship standing on the rail overlooking the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean and yells outloud in excitment "I'm the king of the world"!!

Jack is laying on a bench and see's Rose run by him crying, he gets up and see's that Rose is standing on the other side of the rail on the back of the ship. He talks her out of suicide, he pulls her back over the rail and she slips and almost goes in and jack pulls her back onboard. Things happen and Roses fiance shows up and awards Jack a First Class Dinner treat.

Rose and Jack going to first class dinner.

Jacks First Class days are over and Jack secretly invites Rose to what he calls a "real party" in third class.

Rose gets caught in third class with Jack, Roses fiance Cal doesn't like it and neither does Roses mother. Roses mother tells Rose not to see Jack again.

Jack tells Rose how he feels about her, he tells her he is falling in love with here and all that she can tell Jack is to leave her alone she is marrying Cal.

Rose has time to think about it and decides she is falling in love with Jack as well, she changes her mind and finds Jack on the front of the Titanic and kisses him. This is the last time that Titanic ever saw daylight.

Rose saw some of Jacks artwork and wants Jack to draw her nude with the heart of the ocean diamond around her neck. The picture is drawn and Rose leaves the picture of her for Cal to see in Cals safe. Cal knows then she is in love with Jack and all hell breaks loose later.

The night of the sinking!

Night has fallen and the Titanic is heading for it's doom, the captain had earlier ordered for the ship to speed up. It was not the captains idea by the way, but having the ship at such a high speed it would be hard to turn if the ship was heading for an iceberg. It was a clear and calm night and the crew of the Titanic thought they would be able to see icebergs in time if the ship was to be heading toward them, that was not to be. The lookout guys spotted the iceberg but it was too late and the ship was going to fast. The ship collided with the iceberg and in two hours time the ship was under water and 1500 or so lost their lives. See how Hollywood made this happen.

The Titanic heads toward the Iceberg.

The lookout crew spots the iceberg but it is too late, the ship tries to turn but the ship collides with the iceberg and brings the ship to it's doom.

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