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The Sinking Now Begins!

In this final page I give to you the sinking of the Titanic. Alot of things went on in the movie that are not included here and the reason I won't tell you what happens is because if you haven't seen the movie I don't want to ruin the drama for you. I will tell you that Jack dies and the ship sinks. I will not tell you what happens in between go and see the movie and you will find out for yourself. The last picture you see on this page is a dream that Rose has as she dies at 100. In this picture you will see Rose kissing Jack and everyone that died on board the Titanic looks on and claps for them, saying they are glad after all of the years have passed they still love each other. It is quite sad I think. This is it the moment you've been waiting for the sinking of Titanic.

30 minutes after the ship strikes the iceberg you can already see that it did not take long for this baby to go down.

Just a while later you can see that the front of the Titanic is heading for the bottom of the ocean.

In the mean time the captain is asked how to load the life boats, he is asked if women and children should be loaded first and the captain agrees, "women and children first".

The boats are being loaded women and children first, but on some boats there were only 15 people or so and most of them were first class and many of the third class people were being held behind locked gates for panic purposes. The boats by the way were tested to hold 70 men. A little time passes and the loading of the boats had run out of time and the disaster of the sinking was now beginning.

The front of the ship had flooded and there was no place for the ship to go but up.

The ship has now reached it's final position and is standing strait up and the front of the ship has already broke off and all that is left is what you see. The ship for 20 seconds or so bobs there up and down until it sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic for eternity.

"1500 people went into the sea when Titanic sank from under us. Six were saved from the water, myself included. Six out of 1500. Afterward the seven hundred people in the boats had nothing to do but wait...wait to die, wait to live, wait for an absolution that would never come..." a quote from Rose at age 100.

Jack tells Rose not to ever give up on life and to keep going. Later in the frigid waters Jack dies and Rose is rescued

The Dream!

The old Rose finishes telling the story of Titanic and now is asleep in her bed. The camera moves toward her and zooms like it is going into her forhead. Then you see the Titanic underwater and a camera moves toward the sunken Titanic. The zoom takes you into the Titanic and the farther the camera moves the Titanic starts to look like it did before it sank. Finally the camera takes you into the lobby of the Titanic on A deck and there you see all of the people who died onboard Titanic. The camera turns around the room and then you see Jack standing at the top of the stairs at the clock and then the camera turns to the right and then you see Rose climbing the stairs and taking Jacks hand and they kiss. All of the people that were onboard and killed were in the room to see them kiss. What a great ending to a great movie.

I hope that you have enjoyed my page about the movie Titanic and who knows something like this may have happened on the real Titanic. Thanks for visiting this page. Sign the guestbook on the bottom of this page and let me know you've been here. Thank you and may God Bless you.

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